SCIS UK Limited provide an off-site backup system using cloud storage technology. The majority of customers these days still back up to tape or disc and whilst this is fine, there are always a number of concerns with this method, who ensures the backups are taken regularly  Are they safe once they have left office/home? What would we do if we lost our data or most memorable photos or important company data? These are just some of the day to day problems customers can have. When looking to restore data from tapes it can also be time-consuming trying to find the correct tape and it can be a slow process to restore the data.

There are of course solutions to all of these problems.

The cloud storage technology that SCIS UK Limited uses revolutionises the way people access their files, photos, music, videos and other digital content. Don’t simply store files on your PC or server, store them on your offsite backup. Our offsite backup acts as your personal storage space on the internet. It’s secure and it’s always there and even better-restoring data is quick and easy.

Even if the worst case scenario happened and you lost all your data in some kind of catastrophe, the data centre copy will always be there and we can quickly restore the files you require.

We offer business remote backup from £189.00 + VAT per annum and a range of smaller, personal plans too. For more details please contact us.